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Motion control system, based on embedded control hardware CML


Scalable performance and functionality

  • Easy functionality extension thanks to function modules
  • Rapid centralized or decentralized I/O integration
  • Up to 64 axes with synchronized and coordinated movements on one controller

Motion control system, based on embedded control hardware XM


  • Sercos Onboard, PROFIBUS and Multi-Ethernet optional
  • Easy extension of functions with extension modules (communication, technology)
  • Simple I/O integration through direct connection of S20 I/O modules or by integrating decentralized I/O stations via different fieldbuses
  • Fast I/O real-time data processing in various operating modes (asynchronous, isochronous, cycle-synchronous)
  • PLC cycle times up to 250 µs

Motion control system, based on industrial PC hardware Vxx


  • Complete control system with fast real-time data processing and top-performance Motion Control
  • Windows 7 and Motion Control firmware on the same hardware
  • Sercos, PROFIBUS and Multi-Ethernet Onboard
  • Modular extension options with PCIe plug-in card
  • Up to 99 axes with synchronized and coordinated movements

Motion Control system, based on drive system IndraDrive


  • Certified safety technology
  • Drive-integrated Motion Control acc. to IEC 61131-3
  • Electronic synchronization of up to 10 servo-axes
  • Intuitive engineering thanks to the IndraWorks software framework
  • Optional technology and communication interfaces
  • Application description

Motion control system NYCe 4000


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